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AOAMI was established in 2003 in order to provide the Osteopathic profession a formal association of clinical leaders to assimilate around health IT issues, contribute to health transformative objectives that depend on technology, and provide advocacy input at local and national levels.

Our 12-year history in alignment with AOA policy and direction has provided a wealth of knowledge and many meaningful services to our membership. Our members possess expertise in the discipline of "Clinical Informatics", and have contributed greatly to the emerging discipline. These activities are extremely timely given the significant challenges of the US healthcare system and CMS objectives to reimburse providers based on reporting "Quality" and outcomes for value-based rather than volume-based care. Osteopathic physicians must be well versed in informatics in order to support healthcare quality initiatives that are increasingly dependent on expert technological solutions in the form of electronic medical records that support the clinical workflow and capture the relevant clinical information necessary to support higher quality care.

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